There are many people who say: In photography, time and equipment are more important than skill. That opinion can be pretty subjective, but it seems right with Benjamin, a 31 year old amateur photographer living in Cape Town

On a cruise ship in Eastern Cape, South Africa, Benjamin had watched a humpback whale over 20 minutes. When he thought the show was over, suddenly, the whale jumped out of water 15m high before falling down, created huge waves. Humpback whales are renowned for acrobatic ability, but rarely show close to vessels

Benjamin said excitedly: I am totally stunned! I have never seen a high jumping humpback whale like that, and it’s so close too! All cruise ship screamed out when the whale jumped

He won the camera in an amateur photography contest. The machine helps him capture larger and more beautiful photos
"People can’t believe that's true," Benjamin added, "Everybody has to look two times and shocked!"

Mature humpbacks have 15m-16m length, weighs 40 tons and they can live up to 45 years. Humpback whales have special features which are flying out of the water 15m height despite 40 tóns body. Besides, males can sing throughout 22 hours.