Oke you don't have a luxury telescope, and you also don't have an expensive SDLR camera with a bazooka len. But you still want to take the moon photos to amaze your friends? You go to the right place then! If everything you've got is a compact camera only, that's no problem. Let's take your gear and move on. 

Requirement for moon photography

The very first requirement for your camera is the manual mode, which allows you to manually control the focus, the focal length, and the shutter speed. For example: Canon G12, Canon G1X, etc. If you have one, there you go. 

(Here I assume that you have the basic knowledge about manually manipulate a digital camera. If you don't, please go to Understanding ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture for newbie for more. )

Setup your camera  for moon pictures

Now you got to the rooftop. Normally, you will point your camera to the moon and shoot. The result is typically like this



That's most people get for moon photography, but not you. Let setup your camera like this: 

  • Set zoom to the maximum capacity of the camera 
  • Set the picture size and quality to maximum 
  • Set aperture to anything you want (typically 2.8 to 4.5 is fine)
  • Change the shutter speed from 1/400 to 1/3200 (or more), until you can see the texture of the moon like this


- Now shoot the picture. 

 Post processing

Come back to your computer, load the image to Microsoft Paint or Photoshop. Crop the moon and you done!


Congratulation! Let's amaze our friends with moon pictures


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