Some of my dear readers may wonder was there any camera which survived extreme weather condition? Well, once upon a time, I left my Canon 400D in my refrigerator, approximately ~0oC to keep it from fungus. The camera stayed there for 6 months. And when I got it out, it worked perfectly. Is there extreme enough for you?

Haha I'm just kidding. But Swiss photographer Alessandro Della Bella did not. Back on 12/12/12, Alessandro participated in the One Day on Earth project, which aims to document life around the globe on a single day. He chose to create a time-lapse video of the night sky during two nights on the Swiss mountains Piz Corvatsch and Piz Nair. The temperature during his work shift? -25°C and -15°C! All 5 cameras were freezing!

Alessandro shot more than 10,000 photos with 5 Canon DSLRs at the same time, and used those photos to create the beautiful and stunning time-lapse video.

The cameras went through the challenge amazingly and performed quite nicely. There were some problems though. First, Alessandro had to bring a number of extra lenses along on the shoot. Every time a lens froze up, he swapped it out and defrosted it in front of an oven until it became normal again. Second, at those temperatures, each battery drained in just an hour or two, so they had to be constantly swapped out and recharged.

So now you would know what camera you should bring when you have to work in North Pole.

Image credits: I would like to thank Alessandro Della Bella for his permission to use the images