Digital cameras have a giant step toward 2015 and dominate the world. But back to 20 years ago, when dital cameras were only just starting everything, we can find some very interesting facts!

Let's see the 4-minute clip from CNET, since 1995. One of the cameras in the video, which was reffered to as the "B2 Bomber" of digital cameras at that time, is Fujix Nikon DS 515. This camera cost $20000 ($310000 in today's money). DS 515 could shoot 1.3 Megapixel photos, used removable hard drive (131MB), and could store 70 photos. 

After the pictures were taken, users can transfer photos to computers, and processed by image process softwares. 


Fujix Nikon - A 1.3MP camera which cost 20.000$!

During this time, Apple still manufactured the Apple QuickTake - the first consumer digital camera. Apple QuickTake were produred only from 1994 to 1997, and then discontinued. 

Apple QuickTake