There are many people who say: In photography, time and equipment are more important than skill. That opinion can be pretty subjective, but it seems right with Benjamin, a 31 year old amateur photographer living in Cape Town

These are some amazing cloud photos that people took from all over the world. Let's see how many shapes you can recognize!

Photographer Markus Thompson came accross a rusty Canon 1000D when he was scuba diving in Deep Bay outside Vancouver. After taking the SD card out and cleaning it, the amazing thing happened:

 At first, a lot of people would not know what it is in the picture. The truth is...

Ocean is always a deep secret in our planet. There are full of surprise pictures deep down there waiting for you to capture. Check these photos out to see how amazing the ocean life is. And may be one day, you will addict to underwater photography. 

Digital cameras have a giant step toward 2015 and dominate the world. But back to 20 years ago, when dital cameras were only just starting everything, we can find some very interesting facts!

Some of my dear readers may wonder was there any camera which survived extreme weather condition? Well, once upon a time, I left my Canon 400D in my refrigerator, approximately ~0oC to keep it from fungus. The camera stayed there for 6 months. And when I got it out, it worked perfectly. Is there extreme enough for you?

Not like most of other think, there was no CGI in the airplane stunt in the movie: Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation. Everything was real! In fact, this stunt was extremely dangerous, as Tom Cruise was strapped outside a plane took off at 300km/h!

We used to photograph with normal lens like Canon 85mm f/1.8, 24-105mm f/4... But do you know that there are some ridiculous lenses, which may be made for aliens...

Climb to the highest buildings in the world, where you can only put one foot on the floor, hold on something and photograph? Imagine that and how do you feel now?

In the past, there was some job which only done by a telescope. Now thing is different. A compact camera can do something that a telescope can do, and even better!